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Honey Whisky BBQ


Did that get your attention? It got mine! My sister recently purchased a jar of this awesome concoction of a barbecue and dipping sauce. It was so good! It did not have a strong BBQ flavour but definetely smokey. Just thought I’d share a quick tidbit about it if anyone is planning to venture into British Columbia. We came across this sauce at a local Farmer’s Market at Fairmont Hot Springs, BC; unfortunately I am unable to add a website for your convenience as I was unable to find one. The ┬ávendor was Jubilee Mountain Apiary Ltd., based in Spillimachen, BC. A treasure of honey jams, flavoured honey, and honey sweetener sticks were available to sample and buy. True to my form, the raspberry honey jam that I purchased was all but meant to be as I accidentally dropped the jar soon after I bought it.

I do plan to make this sauce based on the ingredients listed and then I will post my experience. Stay tuned for a cabbage roll recipe that includes this kickin’ sauce!