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Perogy Dough Recipe and Perogy Making Process


This is a basic recipe for perogy dough. I have tried to recreate my Mom’s soft and tender dough, but with her ” a little of this, and some of that” kind of measurements, it was not easy to do. (more…)

Cooking equipment for making perogies


The following is the equipment I used for making perogies. Alternatively, you can mix the dough in a stand mixer. I don’t have one (yet!) so kneading by hand is my only option. Therapeutic at times. Another good tool to have is a food processor or mill of some kind to mince fillings even finer if you want to have a thicker, less chunky filling. This grinder shown below is the one we used to use back in the day to mix and make finer some of our fillings!

Back in the day, this was our food processor for our homemade perogy fillings