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Buttery Mushroom with Rosemary and Garlic


I have always loved mushrooms in perogies or a tortellini type shell. At Christmas my Mom makes little mushroom “ears” (uszka, prone. ooh-shka), a tortellini pasta stuffed with mushrooms. Traditionally we have it with beet borsch, shared at our Christmas Eve table (Wigilia, pron. vee-gee-lya). I had some cremini mushrooms on hand and fresh rosemary so I decided to create a new recipe.




Mom and Dad - First comes love.....

I hold many dear memories from my childhood and adolescence that are brought upon by many things: songs, scents, seasons, and of course food. I consider my folks to be my childhood heros: my Dad keeping down two jobs, Mom working in the evening, and volunteering galore,  and still getting a home cooked meal on the table almost everday of the week.