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Turkey stuffing perogy with cranberry-beet sauce


My little snowy angel, bringing us so much good cheer over this past year, the holidays and into the new year!

I hope everyone had a happy holiday and a very merry Christmas! I wish you all a wonderful new year, filled with great food to share with all your loved ones!

I had a busy December and Christmas holiday so am now updating my blog to include a recipe I had hoped to post before Christmas!


Pancakes have “fillings” too!


Ha ha! Get it?!?

A neighbour of mine has a blog about healthy living and eating; she is working on completing a cookbook. She shares delicious food ideas and has great insights on a holistic healthy lifestyle.

She recently posted a recipe idea for stuffed pancakes! The pancakes are prepared using a special type of pan – already added to my must-have list of kitchen gadgets! Check out her entry here.

I am currently working on a few recipes, some perogies and some non-perogy recipes! Please stay tuned!

Take care everyone!

Two perogies in a pod


Well I’ll be. Just came across this blog today: http://perogyproject.blogspot.com

I did not realize there was another perogy project underway! It is underway in British Columbia; I will be the Alberta connection!

Do zobaczenia! (Doh zoh-bah-tche-nya) See you soon!