Itch to pinch


Oh man. It has been a while. And do I have an itch to pinch. Pinch me some soft dough around a new scrumptious filling! With the new year upon us I hope to get back to the therapeutic task of working up a recipe, cooking and blogging about my efforts.

I just watched Jon Favreau’s Chef. An quick inspiring look into the beginning of a new approach for a chef to cook with his heart the simple, home cooked goodness that he loves and believes in.

When I think of home cooked goodness I think of the tireless energy and love my Mom and Dad put forth to put homemade meals on our table almost every night. Now, my boys at home, big and small, are my inspiration to feed their bellies and hearts. They are my motivation as well as my strongest supporters. They believe in me and teach me so much.

Just like Jon Favreau’s character takes a great risk with support from family and friends, I too hope to venture into some new recipes and projects with family by my side.

I’ll keep you all posted. Now excuse me while I scratch.



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