Mom and Dad - First comes love.....

I hold many dear memories from my childhood and adolescence that are brought upon by many things: songs, scents, seasons, and of course food. I consider my folks to be my childhood heros: my Dad keeping down two jobs, Mom working in the evening, and volunteering galore, ย and still getting a home cooked meal on the table almost everday of the week.

...then comes marriage...

Sometimes my sisters and I had to fend for ourselves and that is where my love and passion for cooking continued to grow. Cooking with my mom initially started the ball rolling, and just being in the kitchen with the rest of the family at home or during family function with relatives, well, it was always a kitchen party! But when left to my own devices, I decided to experiment with the traditional meals we were used to eating: potatoes, meat, sauces, stews, soups, crepes, perogies, cabbage rolls, casserole type foods. As you can see, almost everything was cooked. And sometimes overcooked. We did of course eat fruit and vegetables; most of our vegetables were cooked, in soups and stews, or simply as side-dishes, but still cooked.

...then comes Monika in a baby carriage!

As we all got older and more educated about our health and foods, we began to incorporate more fresh foods, steaming our food, eating less red meat, and more whole grains. By using up whatever was in the kitchen pantry, new creations emerged; fresh herbs, spices, and various other food items replaced others. Of course, we did not stray too far from our traditional meals, especially during the holidays.

I love to eat. I enjoy eating something new and different, learning about the food and what makes it what it is. I love taking that and applying it to our day-to-day cooking at home. I get very excited when I am about to begin cooking something new and trying it out for the first time. My creative juices begin to flow and I become totally immersed in the creation.


...and now.

I hope to pass on this love of cooking to my son. I hope to show him that you can make whatever you want with whatever you have in your kitchen. I am very excited for when he can start helping us prepare and cook food and take part in our own little kitchen parties!

5 Responses to “Nostalgia”

  1. Marzena says:

    You remain the Chef extraordinaire you always were when we were growing up. Only you could whip up a delicious concoction from the most random of things.
    Don’t get your hopes up too much on having too much help from Gabe with cooking-if his reputation from today carries on, he will gobble all the food you have to prepare, rendering you ingredient-less for your fabulous recipes.

    Great start to your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • monika says:

      Hey Marzi, thanks again for all your support! I am very excited about this and we’ll see how it goes! Wish you were here to sample the perogies! Love you!

  2. Dad says:

    Monia congratulations this Project looks great and I’m ready to have some of
    these delicious looking perogys. I know that I will have to share with Gabrys cause he told me in secret that he loves them too so you going to have to make some extra.
    And I must tell you, you make me cry this morning at work when I read this Nostalgia page.
    Thank you and good luck.
    P.S. I can help you eat those perogys any time just let me know.

  3. marzena says:

    I just noticed these pictures in your entry. Made me teary too. I miss you guys. ๐Ÿ™

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